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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Child

Rowan, my sweet, adventurous 5 year old, was given a gift certificate for Christmas.  He decided to buy a "grown-up" camera with it (Yes, Target has one for under $20!).  He has been composing shots and snapping away ever since.  He keeps the camera in a little case clipped to his waist band and takes it everywhere he goes.  Here is a selection of his "work" so far...
Action shots:

Still Life:
Shadow & Light:
These images have not been edited in any way...Just a boy's view through his camera!
Thank you, Grandma ♥


  1. Being a budding photographer myself, I think this is just precious! Start 'em young! He's taking some really great shots! Well done Rowan!


  2. I think you have quite the photographer there, Carolyn! That camera takes a pretty good picture for being under $20! I love the kooky shots my kids take. They also loooove to take self portraits which I find kinda funny when I look through their little cameras!


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