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Hi, I am Carolyn.  I am Mommy to 4 amazing little boys, the youngest of whom are twins, and wife to my high school sweetheart.  We share our home with 2 Italian Greyhounds, A.K.A "the girls."  I have been crocheting since I was 7 years old...mostly long chains then...mostly hats now! In 2008 I opened an Etsy shop, Moose Mouse Creations featuring my original crocheted designs.  I also love sewing, baking, cake decorating, crafting, doing projects with my kids, and attempting to capture my family in photographs.

My life has taken an interesting path.  While attending college to become a teacher, I trained as a floral designer.  I then taught preschool and elementary school for several years before heading back to college and eventually going to medical school.  I graduated from medical school and became a doctor.  I worked in an OB/GYN residency for 2 years.  During my residency, my first son Zachary was born.  Having a child made me re-examine the course of my life, yet again.  I realized that babies grow up quickly and I was missing out on the most important "career" of my life.  So, when Zack was 15 months old, I left my residency to pursue full time motherhood.

So, now here I am, Mom to Zack born in 2004, Rowan in 2006, and twins Avery and Zander born in 2009.  I crochet hats for my little etsy shop, do all sorts of creative projects, manage the education and social lives of my clan, and try to maintain a somewhat organized household all while chasing after 4 VERY busy boys.  In this blog I hope to share a taste of our chaotic, creative life and to show that education is never wasted, it just isn't always used for it's initial intention!


  1. Oh my word i wonder if you know how hard it is to correct a mistake in this comment box. It isn't possible to fix the mistake and go to the continuation the comments stop dead and won't exit, move to another position so now I'm not only frustrated that i cant make the pattern work i also have had five attempts at explaining my problem. So if you fnd lots of typos sorry!
    I habe the Isabellea pattern and habe tried many times since I purchased it to make it' However I mever get past the same point. It is either ambiguously explained, the maths is wrong or a photo tutorial or YouTube tutorial for the 7th row on required.
    I have to make a full baby layette and now I have totally given up.
    I have 50 years experience, plus I teach and run a very large craft group. I have tried multiple times and never moved past the same point despite trying every trick in the book.
    I gave the yarn and Pattern to 3 of my experienced teaching staff and each one has given up so I at least know it isn't just me.
    To illustrate i made a complicated ShiFio complete set in just over an hour without any tutorials or other help, today I started at 3pm and now 11pm and I have literally thrown the yarn hook and pattern across the room in frustration.
    I have never done this before.
    I don't know where we go from here but I just want a bonnet! The recipient wants a bonnet and i can't supply it.
    I admire your work but I can't recommend or purchase your patterns given the problems I have had.
    Thanks you sorry about the words that follow I can't get rid of them and I am too tired to try to do it only to loose my message again. Regards Lorraine large up.

  2. PS I apologise for the tone of my complaint but i thought you might be interested to know I actually test patterns for authors.


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