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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mad for Plaid

Project Run and Play Sew-Along Week 3
The theme this week on Project Run and Play is Mad for Plaid!
This will be a post of mostly photos and few words as the deadline for sew along entries is in mere minutes...
I made Little A some plaid pants with quilted knee pads and pockets.

It was not the most cooperative of photo sessions...

But we did find some wild strawberries (I think they're strawberries...)
And managed to get a photo or two of the pants.
I left the pants quite long because my little guys tend to grow upward, rather than outward and I have (probably unrealistic) visions of these pants lasting for more than half a season.  When they are cuffed (or partially uncuffed as seen here ;) the soft, knit lining shows.
The shirt is an upcycle of two old favorites that the boys have outgrown.
With a little bit of added machine embroidered detail.
The quilting was pretty simple and fun.  Keep your eyes out for an upcoming tutorial...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Finally!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Super Hero Popover

Welcome back autumn (almost)...
Welcome back school (yay!)...
Welcome back Project Run and Play!!!
It's week one of PR&P and I've dusted off my sewing machine and am happily sewing along!
The theme for this week is a pattern remix of the Popover dress by Oliver and S.
As much as I love to sew little dresses, I need some fall clothes for my growing out of everything boys.
It is amazing how much they spring up in the summertime...one moment they're babies, the next moment it takes a a dozen eggs to and an entire loaf of bread to feed them breakfast...(and then they're hungry again in 20 minutes, eeek!)
But I digress, we were talking Project Run and Play. Fall clothes. For boys.
So, what to do with this adorably sweet dress pattern...

for a boy...hmmmmm???
And then it hit me.
The dress looks kind of like the shape of a cape.
A super hero cape!
Think Superman...

Not Little Red Riding Hood!

I dug through my stash and found some star-spangled red, white and blue cotton, a red and blue men's XXL old navy shirt (purchased for $1, you just can't get knit much cheaper than that) and some linen look khaki fabric.
Using the popover pattern (size 3 body and size 4 yoke) I made the cape with surprisingly few alterations to the original pattern.
I removed the armholes by cutting the sides straight up to the top, I gathered the top to fit the yoke, and I stitched all the way around the body pieces, rather than just up the sides.
And, just like that, a pretty dress transforms into an adventurous cape!
Velcro holds the cape in place on the back of the shirt which is the Short Sleeved Raglan Tee from Sewing for Boys.
The pants are the Kickin' Back Sweats also from Sewing for Boys.
Notice the hem?
No?  Thant's because it's almost invisible!
Someone learned how to do a blind hem! (blush)
Drop by PR&P to see all of the entries (contestant entries here, sew along entries here)...there are even some other boy ideas there!

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