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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sun-Melted Crayon Canvas

This project is totally out of season now here, but maybe if you live near the equator...or in a desert...you'll find it timely. Everyone else, feel free to  for next summer!
We had a few scorching heatwaves on the East Coast this summer.  One searing hot day, Rowan and I decided to harness the energy of the sun and put it to some creative use...
Using painter's tape we blocked out his initial on a canvas.
Then we carefully used an old cheese grater to make crayon confetti.
We placed the canvas in the hottest, sunniest spot in our back yard.
And we waited,
and waited,
and waited.
Until, the sun melted the crayons.
Then we brought the canvas to a shady spot to cool,
removed the tape,
and revealed an awesome initial canvas to put in Rowan's room!

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