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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bookshelf Beautification

Today I'm joining the Before and After Link Party at Shine Your Light blog.

Shine Your Light
The idea is to give a project on your to-do list a little kick start.  You post a "Before" picture on the first Friday of the month.  And an "After" or "Here's what I've done so far" picture on the last Friday of the month.
Now, my to-do list is VERY long.  But I think I would like to give some much needed attention to the bookshelves in my family room.  We are so fortunate to have lovely built-ins in the family room.  However, when we moved in, they became a bit of a dropping ground.  A few of the items placed there were intended to stay long term.  But mostly the shelves were filled with random books and things that belong in the family room but had no where else to go.  
I LOVE bookshelves that are both organized and beautiful.
I WANT some of those in my family room!
here are my BEFORE shelves:
My goals are to declutter, paint and reorganize so that these shelves become the beautiful focal point they should be.  I'd love to redo the valance too, but this borders on insanely ambitious and February is a short month,  so we'll see...
Check out some of the inspiration I've collected for this project on my Pinterest boards: shelves and family room.
And be sure to check back for the AFTER reveal on February 24!

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  1. Carolyn, I need to do this one too!! I have such a hard time with styling shelves. I've been wanting to paint the back of mine, or line them with fabric or scrapbook paper, for so long. Looking forward to seeing your after!!
    Thanks for linking up to Before & After this month!


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