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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Unconventional Trashion Rain Poncho

Project Run & Play week 3 and 
Kids Clothes Week day 4
Ok, so I went totally Project Runway "Unconventional Challenge" with this one, but I couldn't resist!
Maybe it's the constant rain we seem to be having this spring...
Maybe it's the fact that 7 out of 8 soccer games and practices this season have had weather ranging from drizzle to downpour and have left my family looking like a pack of drowned rats...
Maybe it's the fact that the Target bags compel you to do something with them...
But when the "Make your own Fabric" challenge came up on Project Run and Play, I couldn't get plastic bag rain gear out of my mind.
Einstein Quotes
I thought, "this is a crazy waste of time!!!" and "are you really going to let your kids wear Target bags out in public?!?!? (even if you pronounce it Tar-jay and pretend it's french couture, lol)"
But, sometimes, you can't refuse the creative drive.
It just takes over and then you find yourself obsessively sewing plastic shopping bags together.
Crazy or creative, you decide...
Here's how I made it:
I used an old receiving blanket as a lining.
I traced a hood shape (from a hooded shirt pattern) onto another old receiving blanket.
I cut a neckhole in the center of the blanket.  The neckhole didn't look big enough, so I extended it with a 2 inch slit.  Turns out it needed to be extended even more to actually fit over a 4-year-old head.
I sewed the plastic bags directly onto the blanket starting at the bottom and working upward overlapping like a tiled roof. I want the rain to roll off, not sink in at the seams!
I also covered the hood pieces with plastic bag.
I sewed the hood pieces together and then attached them to the poncho.
 Then I used "plastic bag bias tape" (ha-ha, there is no bias to a plastic bag, I just used thin scraps) to put a neat edge around the hood opening and poncho bottom.
There you have it, the Unconventional Trashion Rain Poncho!
I still can't decide if I'll let him wear it in public...
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  1. Okay this was COMPLETELY outside of the box and totally awesome! Great idea! I'm curious how this will hold up, so please do a follow up report!

    1. Thanks! My boys tend to be pretty hard on their clothes, so I don't know how it will hold up...a few more rainy days and I'll let you know!

  2. Your outfit made me smile, and I loved the Einstein quotes too. I would totally let him go out in the public with that poncho...just saying!
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

    1. Thank you! The bright colors and absolute silliness of it makes me smile too...some sunshine on a rainy day!

  3. Wow! He should definitely use it!

  4. Thanks for this, I am very impressed.

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