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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mad for Plaid

Project Run and Play Sew-Along Week 3
The theme this week on Project Run and Play is Mad for Plaid!
This will be a post of mostly photos and few words as the deadline for sew along entries is in mere minutes...
I made Little A some plaid pants with quilted knee pads and pockets.

It was not the most cooperative of photo sessions...

But we did find some wild strawberries (I think they're strawberries...)
And managed to get a photo or two of the pants.
I left the pants quite long because my little guys tend to grow upward, rather than outward and I have (probably unrealistic) visions of these pants lasting for more than half a season.  When they are cuffed (or partially uncuffed as seen here ;) the soft, knit lining shows.
The shirt is an upcycle of two old favorites that the boys have outgrown.
With a little bit of added machine embroidered detail.
The quilting was pretty simple and fun.  Keep your eyes out for an upcoming tutorial...


  1. That shirt is so cool! I love upcycles. Great job on the pants too!

  2. Love this look. The pants are great!


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