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Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness, in Honor and Remembrance...

It has been one month since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  My heart still aches for those lost and their families, my tears still flow frequently,  my arms still hug my own children as often as possible, sometimes with a bittersweet feeling that it could have been one of them, my mind still struggles to find ways to help and console and heal.
Arianne Barker at Changing My Marbles blog has come up with a beautiful idea to remember and pay tribute to the 26 children and adults whose lives were tragically lost on that day.  On the 14th of every month, she plans to perform a random act of kindness toward a stranger. You can read more about her plan here.
I am touched and inspired by her idea and plan to join her.  Nothing will ever take away the heartache of mourning those precious children and dedicated educators, but perhaps increasing the kindness and love that we give to those around us can be one small step toward healing our hearts and this crazy world.
no act of kindness
Here are some RAOK ideas that I've collected and plan to use in my community...feel free to use them in your neighborhood too and spread the kindness!

Feed parking meters

Pay for someone on line behind you (at a coffee shop, toll booth, deli, ice cream shop, etc.)

Hand out balloons to children or hospitalized patients

Tape money to vending machines

Hand out gift cards

Bring cookies/ doughnuts/ coffee to local police/ fire fighters/ EMTs/ nurses with thank you notes

Deliver stuffed animals/ art supplies/ books to a children's hospital

Pick up trash at a local playground or park

Deliver a flower arrangement to a hospital or nursing home ask a nurse to give it to whoever needs it most

Donate clothes/ shoes/ coats/ diapers to a homeless shelter or local church
raok sandy hook
May tomorrow's sun rise over a more peaceful and less violent world.


  1. Thank you for the list of RAOK. What a great idea to do this once a month to remember the victims of the horrible tragedy. I would love to start doing this.

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