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Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 x 2: Twin Second Birthday Cakes

My idea for Avery and Zander's birthday cakes this year was to make them each their own cake with a modern art theme since we were having their birthday party at the Long Island Children's Museum. 

The inspiration for Zander's cake came from the painting Colour Study: Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky. 
I designed Avery's cake by rearranging rows of circles and stripes of varying widths until I was happy with the result.  I also added a section of randomly arranged "2"s.
My favorite part of the cakes are those little #2s!
I topped each cake with a cupcake frosted with white cream cheese frosting and decorated with the boys' names spelled out in fondant letters.
After we sang "Happy Birthday" and they blew out the candles, each birthday boy got his own cupcake.
What fun it was to watch them devour those cupcakes 
(letters first, then icing, then finally cake)!
Serious fun...try not to smile!
Happy 2nd Birthday Avery and Zander!
p.s.- Avery's cake was red velvet with strawberry filling and Zander's was vanilla almond with black raspberry filling.  Both had cream cheese frosting and were decorated with fondant.  

p.p.s.-These beautiful photos were taken by Ben Hill, owner of Teeny Pixel. www.teenypixel.com

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  1. So cute...oh the cakes are pretty sweet also! :)Thanks for linking up!

  2. I envy the twins for having those scrumptious cakes. I'm about to celebrate my birthday next week and I want to have that kind of cake too! Haha. Avery and Zander looked happy. The pictures show that the boys loved their cakes so much! Look at how they ate them. I'll caption the last photo with, “Oops, I didn't do anything...” :'D

    Nita Digirolamo


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